8 Ways to Do Motherhood Better

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Think you need some help with how you tread with motherhood? Trust me, we all do! Here are some mum tips you can add to your set of tricks...  

Sleep while your baby sleeps

Or do something that you will benefit you such as exercising, reading, or doing chores.  

Ask visitors for help around the house

Your visitors may not have experience with children, but they do have experience with living in a house. If surprise visitors come by and you’re knee-deep in chores and mummy duties, ask them to help out. Ask them to help out even when you’re just ankle-deep in duties and you were expecting them. Doing this will create a friendly bond with you and your guest/s. The act also signifies that you trust them enough to watch your child and help them get in touch with their innate adulting and parenting skills. In turn, you’ll have more time cooking without worrying about your baby every second.  

Be more open with your family

This one is especially important to mums with partners who give them less emotional or physical support. Remember that your partner can’t read minds. So if you have something in mind that you need help with, ask them. Don’t bottle things up and use them later to prove a point. This may or may not make things worse for the argument. So when the thing you don’t like them doing is happening, point it out in a calm, respectful way.  


Listen to your spouse especially to your kids. It’s human nature to treat listening as a give and take relationship. When you learn to listen to what your kids are saying instead of shutting them down when you hear something you want to disagree with, your kids will most likely do the same to you. This can lead to early rebellion or the formation of their lack of respect for you not just as their mother, but as a human as well.  

Ask their opinion

Although it’s true that mothers know best, seeking for your family’s opinion creates a mutual respect that takes years for other families to create. Ask your kids’ opinion on where to go next summer or what they’re comfortable wearing for the day instead of making decisions you think will be good for the family. It’s also important to ask your partner’s opinions on several matters. Husbands like to go home from work with dinner close to being served once they shout, “I’m home” at the doorstep. Ask your partner if he has anything in mind that he wants to eat for dinner or breakfast. This will give him the idea of you being the perfect mother, partner, and general homemaker.  

Educate yourself at home

As mentioned earlier, it’s a good thing to keep yourself busy when you’re not too tired. A good example of this is doing creative and educational things while your child sleeps such as learning a new dance, watching documentaries, balancing finances, or even creating a new recipe your family will soon love.  

Create family traditions

And not just the ones that families around the world do like Christmas or Thanksgiving dinners. Create traditions that will be memorable for all of you. A good example of family traditions are camping, summer out of town trips, movie marathons, Christmas gift hunting at home, cookie parties, or even a slumber party complete with close relatives!  

Relax (from time to time)

Relaxation can save you from the disadvantages that root from stress. Overly stressed mums often have poor health and less hold on their emotions. What’s worse is that when these emotions are not handled well and have been bottled up for quite sometime, they could come rushing out any moment and it could sever your ties with family and friends. What you can do about this is find time each day to focus on what gives you peace. This could either be jogging, reading, power napping, and even cooking.   Did our tips inspire you to be better at motherhood? If they did, please feel free to share it in a comment below. For more Mum tips and tricks, please visit our blog today.

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