Our Top Three Mama Friendly Self Care Tips

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As two mums facing the daily (and often nightly) struggle of finding time for us amongst the craziness that is motherhood, we totally understand its difficulties that also come hand-in-hand with its benefits. I personally find parenting so contradictory. There is so many do's and don'ts that are supposed to help you, but often causes more stress in your every day life. And at the end of that tiring day, knowing so well that you may not get that full nights rest you need, you come to the crossroads.

Do I stay up that little bit longer and take twenty minutes for myself? Or do I just go to sleep now and start it all again in the morning?

This three-part series of Our Top Three Mama Friendly Self Care Tips is designed to give you that quick break you need and deserve, all the while allowing you to also be prepared for that tantrum that will set you back 5 minutes tomorrow morning.

Easy and budget friendly may not be something you associate with a full skincare and make up routine. But it's about finding the right products to suit your skin and at a budget price. By all means, if you can and want to splurge on these items then go for it. We all need to have our special products that we feel so luxurious using. We are so excited to share our tips that we have also included a bonus gift to help you get started with your own self-care!

Lash Lift vs. Lash Extensions

39066606_1792215094229723_1408023522399223808_n.jpgThis treatment is low maintenance and much cheaper than eyelash extensions. Using your natural lashes, your beautician will take 20-30 minutes curling and tinting them to give the look of extensions. These aren't as bold as extensions, but last easily 8-12 weeks and you treat them as you would your natural ones. No need to fear the water like you do with extensions and no irritating glues. I personally get hay fever allergies year round and always end up with the glue and falsies making my eyes itchy. So a simple lash lift has been a game changer for me. Plus, no mascara induced panda eyes at the end of a long day. $60 at Kindred Beauty Lounge, Parkes NSW


Everyone has their own style with brows. I like mine darker than my natural blonde hair, and super tidy so every four weeks I have a scheduled appointment at Kindred Beauty Lounge. Every second appointment is for lashes, brows get a quick touch up and I'm out within the hour. Eliminating the need to do these every morning saves me time and effort, plus it only takes 15 minutes to tint and you're done. Often my daughter comes with me and gets some time on ABC Kids. If you're not sure whether your salon is child friendly, just ask your beautician. Some receptionists love minding your kids while you get some me-time so don't be afraid to ask- you wouldn't be the first one! At Kindred Beauty Lounge, it costs just $15.

My Favourite Skin Care Products- that are easy on the wallet too!

Everyone's skin is different, so there is no one-size-fits-all approach here. But what does fit everyone is the need to find exactly what your skin needs. Remember I mentioned budget friendly? Well here it is. My skincare regime consists of no more than five products, listed below.


La Roche-Posay Toleriane Dermo Cleanser

You can find this from Adore Beauty for $26. This lifts any make up or dirt off my skin and doesn't leave it feeling 'bleh'. A tiny amount goes a long way which means the bottle also lasts a long time (woo, cost effective!) and rinses off so easily- so if you haven't quite escaped the kids for a shower, and you're keeping eyes on them, this cleanser takes just a few seconds under the water to rinse with no effort.

cinch-face-it-5-in-1-cleanser-glow-by-cinch-743FACE IT 5 in 1 Cleansing Water + Glow from Cinch Skin

I first saw this product featured in a glowing review (excuse the pun) by @thesleepmama, and all it took was the name 'Cinch' to win me over. I use it as a second cleanser and toner in one, with a few pumps on a face pad and quick wipe over. Personally I don't find it illuminates my skin, but their Cream Moisturiser- woman, it will give you life. And for $19.95 it wins. Every. Damn. Time.

the-ordinary-granactive-retinoid-5-in-squalane-by-the-ordinary-b5dThe Ordinary

By far my personal favourite for results and price. The only negative to this range of skin care is it's so hard to know which one to pick. The products are named with the main functioning ingredient, which unless you have studied, you will struggle to know what's what. Adore Beauty has an easy guide to the range to help you find what you need. I use Granactive Retinoid 5% in Squalane nightly, and their Lactic Acid 10% + HA every couple of nights. I highly recommend looking through their range because each bottle ranges from $10-$25. Not even kidding. While you're there, check out The Ordinary foundation. You will be amazed.

After using all of the above (not kidding, this takes me no longer than 5 minutes combined*) and I'm just about to get a few hours sleep before my daughter wakes up, I add an extra hydration boost to nourish my skin. For nights, I find lightweight oils are easiest to sleep in. Which is why my go-to is easily the Sal Remedia Mama Facial Anti-Ageing Serum.


Our array of specially chosen rich oils help give a boost to your skin by increasing cell turnover (bye bye dull cells, hellooo bright and new) and reduces the fine lines and wrinkles brought on by time, stress and well, just general mum-life.

This little bottle of love is just $19.90, and is 100% completely natural. Oh, and is formulated with the assistance of a certified naturopath so you know it's good!

So there you have it- my top skin care + make up tips and products that will save you time, money and effort. Maybe with the spare time, you can make yourself a cuppa and drink it warmer than usual. What ever it is that you choose to do with your extra time, it will be like a new you.

Self care is what we are passionate about at Sal Remedia- it's what started this whole journey to begin with! Alongside our handcrafted range of natural 'me-time' goods, we have dreams of creating a community for mums to share in called SR Mamas. For now, this is simply an email to your inbox each month with our tips, tricks and experiences (you also get access to gifts and special offers *wink wink*) that we'd love for you to join- it's free! You can subscribe here.

For the duration of our three part series for Our Top Mama Friendly Self Care Tips, we are giving you a thank you for joining our SR Mamas Community. Valid until the 30th September 2018, you can take $10.00 off our Self Care Mama Box.


20180623_165816-01I hope you enjoyed Part One: Skin Care and Make Up! If you have any comments, feedback or questions please feel free to comment below or chat to us on social media!

Don't forget to subscribe to the SR Mamas Community here so you don't miss out on Part Two: Tuning Out While Remaining Present. I'm so excited to share this one with you!



*No more than five minutes when you exclude drying, getting dressed, tripping over my toddlers toys, failing at wrapping my hair up and all other menial things we do as mamas haha!


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