Self-Care: The Ultimate Gift to Give This Mother’s Day

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In Australia, a running theme for many mums these days is the struggle for balancing relaxation and the demands of being a mother. Even though many mums would argue that motherhood is the most special endeavour they have had in their life, it can still be overwhelming and exhausting.

Many mamas are working full-time, inside and outside of the comforts of their homes, and the mum you know might be as well. It is the time to remind her that she is a doing a great job at being a mum, and that juggling motherhood and a healthy and joyful life is entirely possible.

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, the hunt for the perfect gift begins. Whether it is your mum, your wife, or your bestest friend you are looking to buy something for, what others don’t think of and what probably is the best gift you can give is to support her self-care routine. What better time to start than on the day set in her honour, right?

Nourishing the self is essential, especially for mums who have forgotten to put the “me” in their daily routine. It is the most thoughtful gift when you spend time finding the best opportunities for her to take a moment to relax and indulge - something every mama deserves.

Most companies that sell good natural skin care products are sourced in Australia. From skin exfoliants to cleansing bath soaks, the full list below is the guide you need to selecting the best gift for this 2018 Mother’s Day.

The Perfect Mother’s Gift for Daily Use: Calm Infused Body Oil

Scheduling a massage with a professional is great, but a little rub of body oil can go a long way. With all the hustle and bustle going on in her life everyday, a body oil that surrounds her with soothing vibes is the perfect solution - even more so when it’s calm infused. You can order it here.

Calm Infused Body Oil

For the Perfect Calm Night: The Mend Bath Soak

Something so mundane like taking a bubble bath can do wonders for any mum. Add in a few pops of The Mend Bath Soak bath salts in the muslin bag that goes along with this product, light some candles, and have her soak for as long as her heart desires. Add it to your cart now!

The Mend Bath Soak

For A Little Bit Of Heaven: the Dead Sea Mud Face Mask

If you want her to take a moment to indulge in natural face mask products, might as well go all out. In the world of natural face mask wonders, the crème de la crème is said to be sourced from the Dead Sea.

Widely known for its healing properties for mind and body and rich in minerals that circulate vital nutrients throughout the body, the Dead Sea Mud Face Mask can be used on the entire body as well. Best for all skin types and loved by every sensitive skin, this 100 percent pure mud from the Dead Sea has indulge written all over it. Shop Now!

Dead Sea Mud Face Mask

The Most Essential Mother’s Day Gift: Body Butter

As is the case for almost every mum, from the stomach to the bump and beyond, stretch marks may have appeared on her body - and intense and deeply hydrating body care products just might be what she is looking for.

Our body butter is a blend of fourteen natural oils, butters and vitamins widely used to ease stretch marks and scarring and at the same time to nourish the body and create that fresh glow. Get it on this page.

Body Butter

The Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift: Pamper Yourself Mystery Gift Box

When she simply deserves every good thing in the world, the perfect gift is a chock-full of goodies. Gift hampers are a good way to tell her she deserves all the extra love you are sending her way.

The Pamper Yourself Mystery Gift Box will come packed with two exciting products specially created for a decadent and relaxing self-care routine and is a way to spoil her long before the big day ends (because you know everyday should be Mother’s Day).

At Sal Remedia, we believe self-care is one of the best gifts you can give, especially to a mum who might not admit she needs a break. For mums, life gets defined by daily routines, work, chores, bills, and the requirements of motherhood. Almost all mothers struggle with feelings of guilt when they take time away from focusing on their kids for a moment to indulge in self-care, which is why many mums choose to put themselves last.

This Mother’s Day, give them the reason to put themselves first. Not only do they need it, but a balanced life of purposeful choices that feed her mind, body and soul is what she simply deserves.

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