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15 Things Nobody Told Me About Becoming A Mum!

There are tons of comedic and scary things that new mums learn New mums learn these things every day So today, we’ve listed a few things any mum with kids will relate to….  

You never thought you’d run out of time for yourself

When you’ve been dealing with your newborn’ scrazy sleeping schedule, you will find yourself having zero time for yourself sometimes. This is only natural since both your body and your child’s body are adjusting from the new changes that are occurring. Your body is replenishing its energy from time to time while you’re taking care of the child, while your baby’s body is carefully adjusting to the world outside the womb. Because of these factors, you will find yourself devoting most of your time to your child. You’ll find yourself rushing to finishing showering before you even begin. But all your efforts will be worth it, we promise!  

Staying at home doing chores doesn’t count as family time

When you’re at home on a weekend with your kids playing outside and your husband relaxing in front of the TV, you’ll find that everyone doing everything on their own doesn’t count as family time. This is why most mums , both new and experienced, plan out what the family will do during weekends.  

You have hidden talents

When you have a newborn or a toddler, every activity you do with them becomes a song number. Whether you’re putting your child to sleep or bathing him, there’s always a specific melody you need to hum to divert their attention from tantrum-making to complete silence while they listen to you. Who knows? You might actually be a really good singer or dancer while you’re at it!  

Your multitasking skills come naturally

Naturally, but with a good amount of practice, I mean. If it hasn’t surprised you yet, you’ll be surprised how well you can drive while entertaining your baby at the back with toys and little nursery songs. You’ll be even more surprised that you can feed your child while you do a few exercises. There are so many multitasking skills you can acquire when you’re a new mum. There are even more skills you’ll discover you can do when you’re an experienced one.  

You’ll attend PTAs often

And you’ll either like it (because you have tons of friends) or hate it (because the food is either as cold as the North Pole or as soggy as a dog’s nose)  

Your creativity will be tested

At school, children are always given homework they won’t be able to finish by themselves. This is why so many parents are against homework and opt for homeschooling their children instead.  

You will get plenty of bruises and cuts

No, modern mums don’t go to survival-themed excursions every now and then. What we mean is that since modern mums are always left at home, they will be required to do repairs, wash clothing, and prepare food. Among these 3 activities, all of them have specific hazards. When doing repairs, you could hit your nail with a hammer or slightly electrocute yourself. When washing clothing, you could tear the skin from your hands or slip from the soapy ground. Lastly, when you’re making food, you’ll have to use a knife or some other cooking tool. So eventually, you might cut yourself. On a lighter note, treat your bruises and cuts as trophies for being an awesome all around mum!  

When your kids start going to school, it’ll feel like you’re going too!

Like any student, you will have to wake up early. But during this circumstance, you will have to be the one to wake up earlier since you’re not the student anymore. You’ll even go to school yourself when you’re tasked with sending them off to school.  

You’ll learn to appreciate uniforms

When you’re child is admitted to a school where uniforms are required to be worn, you will find yourself thankful for it. Why? Because this saves your and your child’s time in picking out what to wear.  

You will be disappointed in other parents

Parents have different ways of raising their children. When parents discuss their ways with you, listen attentively. There may be things you can disagree on, but be cautious at how you react. As a new mum, you want to create a new parent circle, not avoid one. Among the things that parents disagree on are letting children watch TV way past their bedtime, letting their children go on long trail bike rides with the neighbor’s kids, and the most popular one, disciplining their children by physical force.  

You will be disappointed in other people’s children

Because of parents’ different child rearing techniques, you will find yourself hating one kid or more who interacts with your child. This causes more conflict when kids get into fights. Because when children fight and get hurt in the process, the automatic switch to mums’ maternal instincts automatically go green with rage. Once you’ve accepted that not all parents raise and discipline their kids the same way you do, you’ll begin to understand why some kids act the way they do. And by understanding this difference, you’ll now be able to raise your child better.  

You’ll realize how bullying is the worst thing that can happen to your child

As mentioned earlier, some kids will be more rotten than others. Among these rotten kids are the bullies. When your child is bullied physically, emotionally, or both. This will always feel like a sore thumb to you. Even after the dispute is resolved, there will always be a part of you that will fear for your child’s safety. When this happens, talk to the school guidance counselor and seek for options.  

You’ll discover that there are so many options for everything

Be it diapers, formula milk, cereal, or flu medicine, you’ll discover that although there are so many variants, not all of them are the same. Every variant has a particular use and not every product will suit your child well.  

You’ll finally understand why your own mum is obsessed with everything natural

These days, almost every food and cleaning product is made with chemicals you don’t know are extremely harmful. Expect it from your mum to hear why she replaced your favorite breakfast cereal with bread or corn flakes because of its exceeding amount of sodium content. Or how she switched from using bleach with vinegar when doing the laundry because the chemicals used for making bleach was the #1 cause of your acne breakouts in high school. You’ll find yourself slowly turning to your mum’s ways as you discover why she went natural. Sooner or later, your family will not just be healthy, but all natural as well!  

Looking especially prepped is a thing of a past to you now

If you never went out before without putting on foundation, you’ll find that you’ve somehow shaken off that habit. When you’re bringing your kids to school today without nothing else to do afterwards, you’ll catch yourself ditching a full face of makeup and replacing it with a ponytail, a dash of lip gloss, and mascara.  


If you’ve related to more than 10 of the items we’ve listed, congratulations! You’re a full-fledged Mum! Be proud of your achievements because we are just as proud as your wonderful family! We hope you had an awesome time relating and laughing to some of the items on our list. Do you have any funny stories about learning things as a new mum? If you do, please feel free to share it in a comment below. For more Mum tips and tricks, please visit our blog today.

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