Eco-Friendly and Zero Waste Gift Ideas in all Occasions

Someone is having a birthday this weekend, a friend is coming home from a holiday, a young member of the family got a star from class, or you’re celebrating an anniversary. These are some of the occasions that most Australians (even the whole world) celebrate.

That being said, what is a celebration without gift-giving? However, sometimes thinking about giving presents can be difficult and finding the perfect gifts themselves can be a hectic endeavour.

It’d be good to know though that people choose to give gifts that can help for daily use - economical and minimalist. This is especially now that the waste generation in Australia has raised to 50% of its population and one factor is the general waste coming from commercial establishments and homes.

Not to mention, the waste produced during the holiday season is higher as they are dumped in landfills and maybe in the oceans, too!

Thus the question that now stands is, how do we give a gift that is not only economical and minimalist, but also minimises waste and is eco-friendly? Here are some suggestions that can be of help to give someone a delight.

Tip #1: Make a beauty care basket

Mother's day, your mom's or wife's birthday, or a thank you gift to your girl boss or officemate - a beauty care basket is the perfect gift for them. Every woman loves to pamper themselves and each has a daily beauty regimen. Giving them this kind of gift where the ingredients used are organic and eco-friendly will give them a good impression.

What do you need?

- A basket or bag (you can recycle or buy in the farmer's market)

- The Sal Remedia beauty care collection and mystery box

Note: Add anything you want or personalise the box. Surprise them with your creativity.

Tip #2: Kitchenware

For friends who love to cook or bake, or something that is needed in the kitchen is essentially one of the most basic gifts you can give.

What do you need?

- Kitchen items (pots and pans, a collection of spatulas, etc.)

- An eco bag or kitchen towel

- A reusable cloth tie

Tip #3: Reading is love

Do you have a friend or a family member who loves to read? Without a doubt, the best thing to give are books. If they love reading lifestyle updates or fashion - go for magazines. Pretty sure they will be thrilled.

What do you need?

- Books or magazines (of course)

That's it. Plain and simple. No need for ribbons or paper wrappers.

Tip #4: Plants and Herbal Infusions

Succulents and cacti are considered to be economical plants - you save water and maintenance. Also, most women love to have herbal infusions at home or in the office to give a relaxing mood.

What do you need?

- Your favourite kind of plant.

- The Sal Remedia Herbal Infusion (they come in giftable packages, so you save time in wrapping).

Tip #5: Discount Cards and Postcards

When unsure of what to give, make postcards with handwritten notes or avail of discount cards from a local grocery or fashion store.

This may sound silly, but the simpler present is better than giving them extravagant things they might not actually need or like.

What do you need?

- Materials to make a personalised postcard or buy some at your local shops.

- Supermarket coupons or a fashion store discount card.

Tip #6: Anything Sustainable

Going zero waste and lessen plastic use campaigns are viral these days. There are a lot of non-profit organisations enforcing the use of sustainable products not only to save nature but to also cut our waste production. From cutlery to grocery bags, anything plastic is now converted into glass, stainless items and reusable cloth bags.

What do you need?

- Reusable cutlery, stainless straw, and a cup (non-plastics)

- Eco bag, you can use this as a gift bag

- Bamboo toothbrush and home-made toothpaste

Making someone happy on a special day and at the same time giving them eco-friendly gifts is more meaningful. There is no real need for fancy and expensive gift presentations to impress them.

Practice the art of recycling. Use sustainable products that are a daily necessity and help improve their way of living. In this manner, you are reducing the waste production without even doing much effort. That is what the Australian government is aiming for - to reduce waste dumping in landfills and oceans.

Helping the environment and produce organic essentials is one foundation Sal Remedia have practised all of these years. We also help moms recover from postpartum and indulge women in a more relaxed mood with the help of our well-made eco-friendly products.

We believe it is more a relaxing feeling and stress-free to live in a less waste environment. Let us love nature more by simply going eco-friendly and lessen waste by sharing a gifts that are full of love and sincerity.