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Our Top Recommendations On Tuning Out While Remaining Present

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Hi Mamas!

It makes me super happy to see you've stuck around for Part Two of our Top Three Mama Friendly Self Care Tips. Did you find something in the last post that helped you? I hope that something sparked in your mind to be able to create something that was friendly to your individual lifestyle, because at the end of the day you only need to do what works for you. While my exact tips work for me, I can only hope that they will easily and quickly fit into your life- to give you as much self care as you need. But if my tips don't do the above, then don't give up. Simply alter them in a way that will suit you, let your ideas stem from what works for other mums. And you will get there. I promise.

A lot from Part One was directed at time away from our kids, which for majority of us is really hard and often, virtually impossible. So Part Two is on how you can tune out, while still remaining present. What works for me or what I would try next if it didn't quite work the first time (which is what parenting is right, trial and error?) you can read on to find out.

Personally, I find the key to being able to make time in our lives for ourselves, is finding the tiny gaps in our schedule and utilising them. No one can actually make time. We are given 24 hours every day and while that never seems like enough.. it is. Because there is always tomorrow. Remember that.

My first tip to note, would be to simply look at your schedule and find the small common time that you can dedicate to purposeful self care. For me, my daughter is picked up by the bus for day care each morning which gives me an hour three days a week to get ready for work by myself. What I do religiously every morning, is brew a cup of herbal tea (or coffee depending what I feel like) and take in every sip. It's completely a mental thing, but I also found I enjoyed my tea more when I brewed it in a tea pot from T2.

I know it sounds weird, but it's just that little more special recognising you're doing something more for yourself than just a cuppa. It's purposeful.

Some mornings are just going to look like this, hey mama!

On my days with my daughter at home with me, I try to include it in our morning routine. Sometimes I do it while looking at the pile of washing next to me on the couch and the toys surrounding me on the floor. And that's when I appreciate every single sip. Because by the next one, we could be having a tantrum about her toast being in triangles and not love hearts.

And by the time that's over, your tea is cold, right? So instead of expecting to finish a whole cup before it's cold and feeling a bit frustrated when you can't. Just remember it's okay. Take it one sip at a time, tune out on that particular moment and feel comforted that you are still present with your little ones around you.

If you just really need to finish that cup and your little one just isn't giving in... my only advice is ABC Kids. Don't feel guilty about giving them a distraction so that you can enjoy something yourself.

If you don't agree with giving our children technology so young, then that's okay too. And I'd really love for you to share what you do too. As a mum, I can only write on my experience and the experiences of others that I know of. I write my opinion on as much of a wholistic view as possible. And the more experiences and ideas I am given by other mums, the more help I will be to our community.

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As I've been writing this, it's made me realise there's so many other things out there that I could try to focus on my own self care. Mix it up, try something new that you've always wanted to try and be bold. My aim was to be incredibly knowledgeable in this piece, and now I'm getting a sense that I'd love to get more insights from other mums. You.

So please, write in and let me know what you do for your self care. You can email: liz@salremedia.com.au or hit us up on Facebook and Instagram.

I've now included my own 'To-Do List' to help set my goals on what I'd like to try next based on your emails and messages. Thank you so much for sending in your ideas to share ♥

As always, we have a little something to show our appreciation for reading my innermost thoughts. For all of October, you guys will receive a FREE Mini travel sized item when you purchase any Bath Tea or Soak from Sal Remedia. Just add your faves, type in the code FREEMINI and you're all sorted!

Until next month mamas,


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