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Bath Salts

Our bath soaks and herbal bath teas are made using Epsom Salts and Himalayan Rock Salts infused with 100% natural herbs, botanicals and pure essential oils.

Some of the herbs and botanicals we use include chamomile*, calendula*, lavender*, roses, lemon balm*, eucalyptus*, sage*, rosemary*, plantain*, black tea*, comfrey*, ginger*, lemongrass, nettle*, peppermint*, uva ursi, yarrow*

*Certified organic ingredients.

Benefits of Epsom Salts:

Epsom salt, named for a bitter saline spring at Epsom in Surrey, England, is not actually salt but a naturally occurring pure mineral compound of magnesium and sulfate. Long known as a natural remedy for a number of ailments, Epsom salt has numerous health benefits as well as many beauty, household, and gardening-related uses.

Studies have shown that magnesium and sulfate are both readily absorbed through the skin, making Epsom salt baths an easy and ideal way to enjoy the associated health benefits.

Benefits of Himalayan Rock Salts:

Himalayan salts detoxifies the body by balancing systemic pH. Improves hydration by providing trace minerals. Improves mineral status of the body. Reduces muscle cramps by improving minerals and hydration.

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