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Clay Masks

Our clay masks are specially formulated to help all skin types, oily and acne prone skin types and mature skin types.

Face Mask Brush

Not a fan of using your fingers to apply your face mask? No worries! Add our smooth, soft and full face mask brush to your cart! Each brush gives extraordinary...


Purity Pink Pure Clay Mask

For sensitive and mature skin types. We have combined French pink clay with Rosehip Seed, Avocado and Rose for complete cell regeneration and rejuvenation. Pink Clay is an essential skin care ingredient to reduce...


Rejuvenate Pure Clay Mask

For oily, combination and acne-prone skin, Green Clay is ideal for restoring balance. Green Clay soaks up the excess oils that clog the pores and lead to acne and imperfections,...


Detox Pure Clay Mask

Suitable for all skin types. White Clay is one of the mildest exfoliants, making it ideal for deeply cleansing the skin, even for the sensitive and dry skin. Activated Coconut...