WE ARE NOW IN BRISBANE! Hello sunshine peeps! 😄

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Bun & Baker

From Samantha, Owner of Bun & Baker

Finding out I was going to become a mum was the most amazing and exciting feeling. I quickly learnt how much there was that needed to be done before Jackson was due to arrive and was starting to feel the time slowly run out. 

When it came to packing my own hospital bag I didn't know where to start! Several google searches later and notes everywhere of what I needed I thought I was back on track... until I thought of something else I needed to pack. Finally I was all packed and everything was ready for Jackson to arrive. 

Once we arrived home from the hospital it got me thinking that there must be so many other mums to be out there feeling just the same way I did. So Bun & Baker was born! 

I came up with the hospital bag so that all you need to do is add your own clothing to make it as easy as possible. 

At Bun & Baker we also know that mums need to just take some time out for themselves to relax which they can do with one of our wonderful boxes. Our items also make for great gifts for the mum to be.