How We Began

Hello there!

My name is Clarissa and I am a Mum to two young girls - Elsie and Madeleine aged 3.5 years old and 1.5 years old.  I took over Sal Remedia in February 2018. Back then, I was already running another business but felt myself gravitate more towards natural/holistic/eco/sustainable living for myself and my family. I have always also had very sensitive skin, and could not use any "branded" products as my skin would react to pretty much everything besides just water.  When I took over, I, of course, sampled my own products and not only found my skin happy using it, my little girls loved them too. I have a Science background, and the aspect of making my own natural skin care products was second nature to me.  I decided to focus on Mum self-care and making products accessible and affordable for Mums and women as I focused on prioritising self-care in my life after going through postnatal depression and anxiety.  I became so passionate about self-care, anxiety and depression, I decided to pursue my Doctorate in finding therapies for depression.  These days, I spend my time juggling my PhD at Queensland Brain Institute, my two young girls and of course Sal Remedia. I love going to parks, going to cafes, crocheting, reading, and painting.  Thank you for visiting SR and hope you find what you are looking for - You cannot pour from an empty cup. So take some time off and pamper yourself with our handmade gorgeous products.