How We Began

After becoming a Mum, she felt herself gravitate towards living a more holistic and eco lifestyle for herself and her family. Jessie, her husband and her two kids all have sensitive skin, and both her youngest and her husband had constant skin rashes and breakouts. She herself would react to almost everything and for the longest time could only use water as her cleanser. She could not find a skincare range that was 100% natural without added preservatives, fragrances or chemicals (used in most commercial products) that could be used for herself and her whole family. 
Using her flair for marketing, sales, design as well as her Scientific background (she is a Research Scientist by trade), she found herself making her own products at home, first for herself and her family. 
Her products became so popular that she began selling through a dedicated website. Having suffered from postnatal depression and anxiety, her focus became about natural holistic skincare for mums, women and little ones with a focus on self-care and wellness for the family.